The term ionic liquid (IL) is nowadays used to define a broad class of semi-organic salts or salt mixtures composed entirely by ions which are liquid in the range 180-600K. The presence of at least one constituent ion with a delocalized charge prevents the formation of a stable crystal lattice.Their most relevant attributes or properties are as follows: negligible vapor pressure, good thermal stability, tunable viscosity and miscibility with water, inorganic and organic substances, a wide electro-chemical window,high conductivity, high heat capacity and suitability to control reactions.

A huge number of potential cation-anion combinations are possible, which gives rise to an unusual large number of different compounds. It means exciting opportunities for many potential applications. However, it also present challenges, mainly stemming from the procurement cost of commercial-scale IL quantities. Ionic Liquid Chemicals LLC is here to partner with you to develop ionic liquids that you need!