Consulting Service
Are you having difficulties in selecting or sourcing ionic liquids that have the physical and chemical properties best fittedto your application?
Ionic LiquidChemicals LLC consultantsbring more than ten years’ experienceperforming cutting edge research in different industries. Our experience includes the use of ionic liquids in synthesis and catalysis, separation and purification, solvents and additives, battery and electronics, and much more. Contact us today! We will develop the best solution to your problem.

R&D Service
Didn’t find the product you want in our list of products?
Ionic LiquidChemicals LLC offers development of “tailor-made” ionic liquids with task-specific, optimized physical and/or chemical parameters. Our R&D team has the right knowledge, experience, equipment, and other resources. We will ensure your satisfaction with affordable price, impeccable quality and reliable delivery.

Contract Manufacturing
Need help to manufacture ionic liquids that you’ve developed?
Ionic LiquidChemicals LLC’s manufacturing factory in Asia has been performing ionic liquid chemistry for many years. With talented staff and existing production lines, we are positioned to assist in the manufacture of your desired ionic liquid products.